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Stamp Studio is owned by Inger Stamp - scenographer, photographer and artist. She works out of her studio in Aarhus, Denmark. 
The art is created through a process where she uses her three dimensional skills as a scenographer, her two dimensional knowledge of digital photography and imagemanipulation as well as her artistic eye for color, texture and printmaking.

Dandelion - series of 4 steps 

1. Creating Dandelions started with one click of a Canon during a road trip in Australia. The image was of a dandelion seed head captured in the morning dew, with water drops just glittering in the first rays of sunlight. 

2. Back in the studio that image was projected onto arranged branches in a three dimensional installation. The branches were painted and photographed. 

3. On the computer the installation image of the branches was juxtaposed with the original image of the dandelion seed head, preserving the texture and the contrast of the two images. Color was added.

4. This was then digitally printed and weaved together reestablishing the dandelion seed head as a colorful flower. 

What you see is art based on a natural object, which is fragmented through artistic processes, finally assembled as an object of beauty mirroring nature.